New Adventure Island

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Prezzo più basso: $5.99 — Data di uscita: 13 Luglio 2016


On peaceful Adventure Island, the islanders are celebrating the wedding
of Master Higgins and Tina, the "Miss Island Queen." Suddenly, the
celebration is interrupted by the appearance of Baron Bronsky and his
henchmen, who kidnap Tina and the island children! Master Higgins must
set out to rescue the children and his beloved Tina in this
side-scrolling action game! Throw hatchets and boomerangs, hop on
skateboards, and guide Master Higgins safely to the goal in each area!
New Adventure Island consists of 7 exciting stages! Each stage is split
into 4 areas, with a boss waiting at the end of the final area. Defeat
all the bosses and release the kidnapped children! And waiting in the
castle of the final stage—the wicked Baron Bronsky! Help Master Higgins
defeat him and reclaim his bride!

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