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Romance Of The Three Kingdoms IV Wall Of Fire

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms IV Wall Of Fire

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It's the Second Han Dynasty and China is on the verge of collapse.
Infighting among the court families and the emergence of powerful
warlords dominates the landscape. The struggle for power has brought an
era known as the Three Kingdoms, complete with constant warfare among
China's most courageous and skillful heroes. As a ruler during these
difficult times, it's up to you to unify a country torn apart by
rebellion. Expand your kingdom by building a strong military or try
outsmarting your rivals during negotiations. With exciting new weapons
including automatic firing crossbows and catapults you can engage your
opponents out in the open or from behind castle walls. But don't forget,
a ruler's strength is also measured by the economic power of his kingdom
and the happiness of its people!
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