Rodea The Sky Soldier

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Take to the skies and defend Garuda, the Sky Kingdom against the
mechanized forces of the Naga Empire as Rodea, a humanoid flying robot
known as a "sky soldier," in this exciting third-person action-adventure
game for the Nintendo 3DS™!

1,000 years ago, the terrestrial Naga Empire attempted to invade the
floating continent of Garuda for its natural resources. But thanks to
Rodea, who swore a promise to protect Garuda, their invasion was
unsuccessful and Naga’s civilization fell into decline.

In present day, Rodea's remains are discovered by a spirited young
inventor named Ion, who promptly repairs and reactivates the former sky
soldier. Though they were believed to have gone extinct, when the Naga
Empire resumes the invasion it started 1,000 years ago, Rodea must take
flight to keep the promise he made to defend Garuda once again!

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