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Prezzo più basso: $0.39 — Data di uscita: 20 Gennaio 2019


The rules are refreshingly simple and designed to promote peace and positivity – hug everyone, but only once!
This is a fun memory game where quick thinking and the ability to remember who you have hugged and who you haven’t are the keys to success. The gameplay is casual, but also provides a challenge to anyone set on mastering their score.
The new, Switch-exclusive feature is a multiplayer mode. In the spirit of old school, personal multiplayer experiences, it allows two people to use one Switch console together, with each player using one of the two Joy-Cons. They challenge each other to a memory competition – the first one to hug a character that was hugged before loses the match!
• A unique game about hugging that challenges both memory and reflexes alike
• Hundreds of different characters
• Character editor (mix different heads with the rest of the body, with over twenty thousand freaky mixes to reveal)
• Ten unique, colourful, and hilarious environments
• Several minigames and lots of interesting extras
• Competitive multiplayer mode – exclusively on Nintendo Switch™
• Funny ’80s TV mode – experience the game as if playing on an ancient TV

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