Glaive: Brick Breaker

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Prezzo più basso: $0.99 — Data di uscita: 26 Aprile 2018


You have been granted access to pilot "Glaive" - a brick breaking battle
ship. Prove your ability and use it to fight through 125 stages of
intense arkanoid-style action.

Glaive is a classic and popular arkanoid-type game with beautiful 3D
graphics. Many power-ups, tons of different stages and dynamic gameplay.
Various game modes and boss fights. All you need is here.

Do not waste time and start your adventure today is this sensational
remake of one of the most popular games of all time. Go back to the past
- play your favorite game in a style reminiscent of the cult classic
version of the game.


- an all-new brick-breaking game

- use your Glaive ship to break bricks and obtain many different powerups

- over 120 levels

- smooth controls - easy to learn

- great ball mechanics, that let you control it's speed with a bit of

- 2 player versus mode - grab a friend and find out who's better

- boss fights - it's never easy, but you can do it

- different game modes - classic, pong, shape breaker, boss fight

- beautiful 3D graphics


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