Jumping Joe & Friends

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Prezzo più basso: $0.19 — Data di uscita: 25 Maggio 2018


If you own or buy Pirates:
All Aboard!, Astro
Bears Party, or Robonauts,
you can save 50% on this title!

The creators of Robonauts and Astro Bears Party proudly present a new
title perfect for intense playtimes with your friends and family.

Help Joe and his fellas on their upwards journey. Be quick as a flash
and dodge roaring cannonballs, vicious bats and other traps. Perform
high scores or leave your competitors in the dust!


3 Single modes: Arcade, Race and Hero with 8 unique heroes to unlock
and upgrade

Multiplayer "couch party" mode with 42 funny characters to choose

Plenty of bonuses to collect and activate

No learning needed, start right away

High scores and wild challenges

Suitable for all ages and skills

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