Sudoku Party

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Prezzo più basso: $2.50 — Data di uscita: 16 Marzo 2017


You've never played sudoku like this before. Two players, one puzzle!

There are 1,000 puzzles to solve on your own or co-operatively with a
friend. The second player can connect any other controller and jump in
to assist with a puzzle at any time!

Or if you feel like getting competitive, Party Mode lets you battle it
out against an opponent to see who can think the quickest with unique
fast-action gameplay.

Solve a square and your opponent has only seconds to respond or the
point is yours. When your opponent makes a move, you have to match it
quickly or lose the square for good.

Can you keep up? Or will you choose a different path, hoping to lock in
more squares simply by thinking faster?

Sudoku Party features 1,000 exclusive puzzles designed by Conceptis, the
world's leading creator of logic puzzles. They're all professionally
crafted, uniquely solvable, beautifully symmetrical puzzles, graded in
four difficulty levels.

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