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Discount|Name|New Price|Old Price|Platform||
−91%|Discovery|CHF 1.15|CHF 13.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−90%|Zombie Army Trilogy|CHF 5.90|CHF 59.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−89%|Fear Effect Sedna|CHF 2.30|CHF 22.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−86%|Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty (Ps4 )|CHF 3.40|CHF 24.90|PS4, PS3, PSVita|[GO ⇒](
−85%|Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 20-Jähriges Jubiläum|CHF 11.23|CHF 74.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−85%|Island Flight Simulator|CHF 3.40|CHF 22.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−85%|3D Billiard|CHF 3.40|CHF 22.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−82%|Watch Dogs 2 — Deluxe Edition|CHF 17.90|CHF 104.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−81%|Tales Of The Tiny Planet|CHF 3.40|CHF 17.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−81%|Afl Evolution|CHF 11.90|CHF 64.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−80%|Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition|CHF 6.98|CHF 34.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−80%|Sniper Elite 4 Digital Deluxe Edition|CHF 22.90|CHF 114.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−80%|Dirt Rally Plus PlayStation VR Bundle|CHF 10.50|CHF 54.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−80%|Payday 2 — Crimewave Edition — Das Riesen-Fischzug Game-Bundle|CHF 11.50|CHF 59.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−79%|Lego Batman 3: Jenseits Von Gotham Premium-Edition|CHF 17.90|CHF 87.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−78%|Pure Hold'Em World Poker Championship|CHF 4.90|CHF 22.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−78%|Zenith|CHF 4.90|CHF 22.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−78%|Mighty No. 9|CHF 4.90|CHF 22.90|PS4, PS3|[GO ⇒](
−78%|Cars 3: Driven To Win|CHF 14.90|CHF 69.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−78%|3D Minigolf|CHF 4.90|CHF 22.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−78%|The Crew 2 — Deluxe Edition|CHF 22.90|CHF 104.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−78%|Tethered|CHF 5.90|CHF 27.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−77%|Project Cars 2|CHF 17.90|CHF 79.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−77%|Lego Marvel's Avengers – Luxusedition|CHF 17.90|CHF 79.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−77%|Helldivers: Über-Erde-Ultimate-Edition|CHF 7.90|CHF 34.90|PS4, PS3, PSVita|[GO ⇒](
−77%|Metro Redux|CHF 7.90|CHF 34.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−77%|Dragon Age: Inquisition — Game Of The Year Edition|CHF 7.90|CHF 34.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−77%|Lego Star Wars: Das Erwachen Der Macht Deluxe Edition|CHF 17.90|CHF 79.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−75%|The Order: 1886|CHF 11.90|CHF 47.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−75%|Robinson: The Journey|CHF 11.90|CHF 34.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−75%|Moto Racer 4|CHF 11.90|CHF 47.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−75%|Assassin's Creed Origins — Deluxe Edition|CHF 25.90|CHF 104.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−74%|Songbringer Bundle|CHF 5.90|CHF 22.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−74%|Carnival Games VR|CHF 5.90|CHF 22.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−74%|Dreamfall Chapters|CHF 5.90|CHF 22.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](
−74%|Alienation|CHF 5.90|CHF 22.90|PS4|[GO ⇒](

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